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Explore our Cosmos collection and let us take you on a breathtaking journey through captivating illustrations that transport you beyond the frontiers of space !

Cosmos - Velvet coloringCosmos - Velvet coloring


Velvet coloring

Learn coloring while playing with the super soft velvet colorings ! Head to the moon for the most beautiful trip to space. Discover the Cosmos universe throughout 6 velvet coloring sheets ! Easy and playful, the velvet helps little ones color within the lines. This is the ideal first coloring exercise to help develop dexterity and creativity.

Cosmos - Giant posterCosmos - Giant poster


Giant poster

Travel to the moon and back with this funny poster packed full of stars and aliens. Hundreds of tiny details, and a huge sense of humor the whole family will enjoy! Kids can express their creativity alone or with friends, and use the poster as a tablecloth, wallpaper, or just pure coloring fun. The possibilities are out of this world!

Space station - Giant posterSpace station - Giant poster

Space station

Giant poster

Objective, Moon!
 Space adventures fascinate everyone, and recently NASA's latest voyage inspired the world to dream. This incredible craft imagined by OMY takes us on an intergalactic journey with astronauts and UFOs! Included: 1 glow in the dark stickers sheet to illuminate your poster. Hours of games & coloring fun alone or with friends, use the poster as a tablecloth, wallpaper... EASY TO FRAME FROM 3 YEARS OLD

Solar system - Omy schoolSolar system - Omy school

Solar system

Omy school

OMY SCHOOL, A PLAYFUL LEARNING CREATIVE ACTIVITY! Did you know that the solar system consists of the Sun, 8 orbiting planets, satellites, dwarf planets and other celestial objects (asteroids, comets, dust, etc)? Explore planets, satellites and celestial objects that make up our solar system with our sticker and coloring poster. BILINGUAL - French/English INDEPENDENT LEARNING IMPROVE OBSERVATION SKILLS IMPROVE CONCENTRATION ENHANCE THE JOY OF LEARNING CALMING ACTIVITY WITHOUT SCREEN Inside the pack 60 answer stickers to complete the poster +6

Cosmos - Paint boxCosmos - Paint box


Paint box

Play, paint and decorate! Touch the moon with your finger tips with the 6 cosmos decorative pendants. Everything is included in the kit: 1 paint brush, 6 acrylic paint containers, includes one neon color, 6 decorative pendants and 1 string. Follow the numbers on illustration to paint with the right colors. once your artwork is completed, hang your small decorative pendant or gift it. Details Content 6 hanging designs + 1 brush + 6 small pots of acrylic paint + 1 cord to hangFormat 2 cardboards of 9,4 x 9,4inComposition 100% paper & acrylic paintDesigned with humor in our studio in Paris

Rocket - 3D Air toysRocket - 3D Air toys


3D Air toys

The space rocket Air Toy is an inflatable cool toy or a beautiful bedroom decoration..AGE : 3-9 YEARSInstructions:1- Color in with felt pens2- Inflate with the straw 3- Play !

Cosmos - Mini puzzleCosmos - Mini puzzle


Mini puzzle

MINI PUZZLE DE 54 PIECES Slip away the time to conquer space ! Explore and solve the bright and colorful mini puzzle filled with humorous and irresistible details. A 54 pieceS mini puzzle to solve The pocket size mini puzzle collection comes in 12 fun themes for everyone, to collect and take everywhere! Details Content 54 pieces Format 7,75 x 5,15 in Composition 100 % cardboard Made in Europe and design by OMY