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A complete range of coloring and writing instruments for all ages.

From neon to pastel colors, all our felts, paints, pens are bright and suitable for all hands.

We also offer a lifestyle collection of notebooks and stationery accessories.

Scented - MarkersScented - Markers



Scented markers with sweet fruit scents and tangy colors ! Flavors: Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Grape, Blackberry, Orange, Lemon and Cola. Double-tipped markers : 1 fine, 1broad. Conveniently, the box transforms into an at home crayon holder!

Glitter - MarkersGlitter - Markers



9 Markers with glitters to make your coloring sparkle! The vibrant colors make the coloring sparkle with glitters mixed in the ink. The assortment of durable and waterproof markers work on all papers and surfaces. Conveniently, the box transforms into an at home crayon holder!

Jumbo - MarkersJumbo - Markers



Jumbo markers for mini kids! 9 markers easy told hold with giant tips, perfect for coloring and drawing on large surfaces (line thickness: 2 - 12 mm) Washable ink that doesn’t stain hands or clothes. Conveniently, the box transforms into a marker holder! Made in Italy

Pastel - MarkersPastel - Markers



Dual tip Pastel markers with soft and prominent colors ! 9 unreleased colors that spark new nuances through coloring and drawing. Conveniently, the box transforms into a marker holder! Made in Italy

Ultra-washable - MarkersUltra-washable - Markers



16 bright vivid colors with no mess felt tips! The ink can easily be removed from skin and textiles with the help of a little soap and water! Double tipped, one end is thick and the other is thin. Little ones can be messy, but clean-up is easy with ink that washes clean.

Magic - MarkersMagic - Markers



16 Custom OMY Magic felt tip pens! These Magic felt pens can erase or change color with the help of two special white pens included in the packaging.

Neon - MarkersNeon - Markers



9 Neon colors : Neon-Yellow ( x2) , Neon-orange, Neon-green, Neon-purple, Neon blue, Neo-pink (x2) Double-tipped : One fine and one Large

Gel crayonsGel crayons

Gel crayons

Ideal for kids ! Box of 9 gel crayons : intense and smooth watercolors The box becomes a pretty pencil holder for your desk or office !  

Watercolor painting kitWatercolor painting kit

Watercolor painting kit

The watercolor kit is the perfect tool to discover watercolor. Easy to use and carry around, the box content 24 bright vivid colors, a sponge and a brush with a water reservoir for more practicality. Before use, fill with water the brush compartment and press until a drop of water comes out. Once the brush is wet, watercoloring can start! To use on paper, cardboard or canvas. From 6 years old

Finger crayonsFinger crayons

Finger crayons

Box of 6 fun and playful wax Maxi crayons for little ones.Their Neon and bright colors are perfect for your first artistic project easy to use on paper, cardboard and canvas.Ergonomical shape that you can put on fingers to learn to draw and color.Does not stain hands.3 and up